Photos will be taken after goods ready to ship, all goods are new before shipping. Let us know if you find any problem in photos.

We will buy insurance for all shipment.

All of the damage happens during shipping, the goods may be dropped, crushed.

Contact us if there are damages after receiving goods.

The insurance company will compensate the cost of goods once there is damages. But  no refund for the shipping cost.

We will refund the cost of goods after the insurance company compensate that.

The best way to ship goods is by full container, we control the filling container at our factory, you control the process of putting out from container at your place, no extra moving.

Never drop and crush the goods during moving, especailly for the  heavy one with wood frame inside.

An invoice will be emailed after the order approved.

Click “pay for this order” on the email. Select the payment via paypal.

7-14 days to manufacture, depending on items.

It takes 35-55 days to ship to door, depending on location and size of packages.

Shipping to door directly.