About Us

Who We Are

Citfun is one of the most famous playground equipment supplier from China. The soft play is the most popular product from citfun. All of citfun’s materials are tested and certificated. Citfun’s design are  scientific and reasonable, citfun’s manufacture process are professional and meticulous. Even citfun’s packing way better than other suppliers.

A Few Words About

Our Team

Citfun has four department. The engineering, the workshop, the sales. Below are staff of sales.

Alex Li

Sally Wu

Emma Zheng

Worldwide Shipping

Citfun can deliver worldwide, provide address and postal code for checking.

Best Quality

All citfun's materials are tested and certificated, with meticulous manufactured.

Best Offers

Citfun's price may not the cheapest, but it is the cheapest base on quality.

Secure Payments

Bank wire, alibaba, paypal available. Citfun with around 10 years credit in business.

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